is a family owned investment company formed in 1988. The company is involved in investments, asset management and financial advisory.

Investment activities consists of long term investments in wholly or partly owned subsidiaries and participations. A common denominator is that SannMatt not only will invest capital but also has first hand experience and can be an active investor.

Asset management consists of investments in closed end projects but also of investments in listed and un-listed securities.

All our activities are characterized by an active long-term approach and a focus on controlling risk rather than maximizing income.

The company’s shares are held in equal proportions by Johan Björklund and Elisabet Forsgren.



Blue Lavender (ownership 100%) sells interior design, presents and fashion of high quality. The company was formed in 2010 and has shops in Sollentuna Centrum and Täby Centrum. See

Turako AB (ownership 22%) develops, owns and manages school properties. See

FB Bostad AB (ownership 50%) develops customer oriented and cost efficient residential apartments. See

Östhus Bostads AB (ownership 27%) invests in property related projects.

Svensk BostadsPartner AB (ownership 40% of votes, 20% of equity) provides loans for construction of apartment buildings in Sweden. See



Please see Swedish version of this website for a description of our current and completed projects.

I samhället - bild

In society


One important aspect of our core values is actively contribute to the society in which we act. We do this in several different ways.

We help build quality homes with a focus on value for money and we create schools that cater for a good educational environment.

SannMatt cooperates with Stockholms Stadsmission, a charity dedicated to homelessness formed in 1853. We support their project Särskildnyttan with the goal to provide 250 new homes before the end of 2018. See

We also support Good to great, a tennis academy aiming at developing next generations top players,

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Financial information



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